Counselling is a type of talking therapy that allows a person to talk about their difficulties in a safe and confidential environment. Talking to a trained professional can help you look at these issues from a different perspective and equip you with the necessary strategies to work through them.

Cherish Counselling Practice offers individuals the opportunity to be heard, supported and encouraged.


  • Good insight into mental health
  • The session has given me food for thought
  • Acknowledgement of the reality of mental health and its impact on everyone
  • Really well organised
  • Raising awareness about mental health
  • I was able to understand the impact of personal experience on mental health
  • I learned more about why mental health matters in our society today
  • Very informative session and easy to relate to
  • Really eye opening session
  • I have developed my counselling skills
  • The workshop helped me to see just how important counselling is in helping to manage mental illness
  • I feel more up to date professionally